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Sunday, October 08, 2006
The Last Nice Weekend
Our weather forecasters here in Midwestern State encouraged us to live it up this weekend, as they predict some rough weather for the end of the week. "This is probably the last nice weekend of the fall," one meteorologist noted with dismay. T and ST perked up at the announcement, realizing that they had better spend every last second of the weekend outside just to take advantage of it. And that's precisely what they did.

On Saturday (after I begged ST to go grocery shopping with me in the early morning, just so I'd have some company), T and ST were outside from 8:30am until 10:00pm, coming inside only for bathroom breaks and meals. (Indeed, T was so dirty from yard- and pond-work that he took his meals on the patio just off the dining room.) They mowed, mulched, trimmed, burned brush piles, played, split wood, swepts, visited with the neighbors, went for ice cream, washed the cars, installed a new rock border between the woods and our lawn, practiced hitting the baseball and kicking the soccer ball, laughed, and finally, when they HAD to come in because the fires were out and ST was getting cold, they bathed and slept. Today was hardly different for them, except that ST was inside more due to numerous time-outs (ST and the neighbor boy were pushing each other's buttons all day long).

I was not outside. I spent the weekend inside, unfortunately, with only small spurts of outside fun. Part of this was due to the fact that nearly everyone is burning leaves or brush at this time of the year and the smell of burning leaves and brush gives me an instantaneous headache. I've had a headache all weekend, it seems. The other reason is that I was stuck grading a zillion (or 90) really bad 3-page papers from my Intro to Subfield students. This took most of the evening Saturday and part of today. But I did do other things, none of them terribly interesting:
  • Decided on books for Intro to Other Subfield and Senior Seminar on Favorite Things for next semester.
  • Started writing syllabi for both of those courses.
  • Prepared lectures and Powerpoints for tomorrow's classes.
  • Baked banana bread.
  • Baked Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • Cleaned kitchen.
  • Finished painting in Master Bath and Master Closet/Dressing Area.
  • Installed new light fixture in Master Dressing Area.
  • Found new microwave to replace disgusting one that came with this house; will order it this week.
Not a bad weekend, but I sure wish I could have/would have spent more of it outside. After all, who knows when the next nice weekend will be?
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 10/08/2006 10:57:00 PM  
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