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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Random Thoughts, Ver. 3.0
Another installment of random thoughts in lieu of a proper, themed post:

  • T is back from Doctoral University City. He had a great last week at his old job, his coworkers threw him a wonderful surprise goodbye lunch and gave him great gifts, and he was able to sneak in a few holes of golf with some friends most days. He was shocked when his coworkers, who know all about Pond House and the work it will need, gave him a $300 gift certificate to a home improvement center in our neighborhood and a year's subscription to The Family Handyman, among other gifts. I could tell that they overwhelmed him; he was at once thrilled that they cared about him so much and sad that he had to leave the people he's worked with for all these years.
  • While T was gone, I painted the Ugliest Bathroom in History. I chose the color "Sagey" (a barely-there green) from Sherwin-Williams, and I was thrilled when the salesman recognized me and gave me a discount on my paint. Thrilled... and also a little embarassed to note that I have no less than 12 gallons, at varying levels of fullness, of Sherwin-Williams Superpaint at my house right now.
  • Since the Ugliest Bathroom in History is now painted and somewhat-less-ugly, T and I bought new towel bars and light fixtures for the space and they look fantastic. We still have to buy a mirror for over the vanity, since the old one was chipped in many places. I'll post pictures when we finally have the room finished (or as finished as it can be with ugly countertops and a brown tub).
  • T also installed a new ceiling fan in our bedroom this weekend. It replaces the Liberace-esque fan (white and gold!) that graced the ceiling when we moved in. Now the bedroom is nearly complete except for curtains and accessories, and it's clear to us that we'll eventually need more furniture in there -- the room is massive. I'll post a picture of it at some point.
  • I'm making good progress on my syllabi for the fall; I have two to write. I still have another few weeks to work on them (we don't start until after Labor Day). I have the basic outlines of the courses and the assignments all figured out, but I'm still trying to decide what readings aside from the textbook I should use. I have a stack of things I'd like to incorporate, but if I include them all my students will kill me in my sleep. Also, a lot of things I think are really neat will be way over my students' heads or bore them to tears.
  • I'm going to head to my office for the first time tomorrow to do a little work, fill out human resources forms, and turn in my receipts to claim my moving allowance. I hope they have my name on the door -- that would be exciting!
  • I finished Anna Karenina last week, late one night while ST snored beside me. After I read the last page, I just flipped through the book and reread some of my favorite passages -- like when Vronsky follows Anna at the station, the game of Secretaire between Levin and Kitty, the secret meetings between Anna and Vronsky -- and I lingered over them, like a long, drawn-out goodbye to a good friend. I simply adore this book. My Mom said that she wanted to read it, but I cannot send her my copy. I will have to buy her her own, I think. Honestly, I think it would be physically painful for me to be separated from this book, as silly as that sounds.
  • ST and I made an oatmeal spice cake today. I was thinking about school and the weather was breezy and cool, and so I had to bake something that made the house smell like fall.

Now, time for bed.
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 8/13/2006 11:02:00 PM  
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  • At 7:44 PM, Blogger Lilian said…

    Wow, you're quite a handy-woman!! I don't think I could do half these things...

    And someday, I'll read Anna Karenina too, I just don't know when...

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