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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Inspired by the brilliant Jo(e), a meme of answers to the burning questions you haven't yet asked. (And of course I'd also be happy to answer the questions you do have, if you have any.)

1.) Probably the garage. This garage is not yet insulated or drywalled, and this is driving T nuts. He is an organization nut like I am, and so to have all of his tools and other garage supplies in boxes is not ideal. (His boxes are, however, neatly stacked on shelving units and clearly labeled!)

2.) Cream cheese (in large quantities). I once ate four slices of strawberry cheesecake at Easter and was sick for several days, vomiting constantly. I think I was about eight. I have not touched cheesecake since, and my stomach turns whenever I ingest more than a few teaspoons of anything containing cream cheese.

3.) At the beginning of September, although I'll be in orientations and meetings the last week in August.

4.) I think it'll be Black Beans and Rice with polska kielbasa on the side, and probably fruit salad. And in answer to your follow-up question, yes, I do intend to post those again someday. I just got lazy, and life got hectic. But there's always been a plan!

5.) A baseball player. It used to be a firefighter, but he's since changed his mind.

6.) Of course we do. Like Jo(e), I don't like to post too many details about my relationship on this blog. I feel that if I have a problem with T, I shouldn't broadcast it to the internet before it's thoroughly settled with him.

7.) Actually, she handled it really well. She is loving it here at Pond House, as most of our windows on the main level are floor-to-ceiling and so she stares outside all day, looking at birds and other wildlife. She only had one "incident," but that was our fault: while we were painting the kitchen, we put her in ST's bedroom so she wouldn't rub herself on the freshly-painted walls. We worked and then went out to eat. When we came home, we realized that we'd left her in ST's room too long, and discovered that she'd pooped on his bed and peed through his pillow, straight through to the mattress pad. Fortunately, he has a waterproof mattress pad so the mattress itself emerged unscathed.

8.) They're at a baseball game and I don't expect them for another hour or so.

9.) Homemade in a Hurry (which isn't as good as I'd hoped), At Home with Magnolia (which won't arrive until October, not yet published), Housekeeping (which I just finished last night), and Last Child in the Woods (which I've started).

10.) It used to be the daffodil, but now I'm more fond of hydrangeas (especially blue ones).

11.) My wedding ring from T and my heart locket from my Dad. Occasionally, a bracelet that was handmade for me by one of T's ex-co-workers.

12.) We'll know more tomorrow about that. He has a meeting at 11:00am to hammer out some details, and at least one more offer that should be on the table this week. He's not stressed about it at all. I, on the other hand, am going crazy with all the uncertainty.

13.) Yes, I have. She called me last week and it was lovely to hear her voice. I think she and her family are going to come for Thanksgiving this year, which would be completely lovely (and out of character for her -- she's a real homebody and doesn't like to travel much).

14.) Hmm, that's a toughie. Right now, I think I'd probably ask for a knee replacement for my Mom. When she was 20, she was playing volleyball and someone fell on her, crushing her kneecap. The doctors did what they could back then and she was fine until about six years ago. Now her knee bothers her constantly and she's very frustrated about the reduction in mobility. She's only 55 and the doctors say they are reluctant to replace her knee until she's 60. She'll go nuts if she has to wait that long! Cortisone shots have done nothing for her, nor have other drugs. We're hoping the doctors will do something soon, though.

15.) Not yet. I've been reading Ragey's church discussions with interest, though. I went to a new one today and left feeling pretty unsatsified -- I want a place that's small, with good music, and that is kid-friendly. The church I attended this morning was huge and impersonal. It is, however, the church that "everyone" goes to around here.

16.) Believe it or not, I went shopping! I absolutely had to get a few new shirts for work, and I also wanted to buy a new bag for work that didn't look like a student bag. I ended up with three shirts and a bag -- I'll post pictures later if you'd like. All of my shopping done in under 2 hours, too. Relatively painless, even for someone who detests shopping as I do. I also cleaned the kitchen and living room and mopped and vacuumed the floors.

17.) Favorite: a ripe nectarine. Intolerable: smoke (e.g., from a campfire or firepit) -- gives me an instantaneous headache. (Reason #478 why I hate camping.)

18.) Yes! I really, really do hate it. I have a house with a nice comfortable bed and everything else I need in it: why would I drag a bunch of stuff to the middle of nowhere to sleep uncomfortably and inconveniently? My attitude on this subject was severely impacted by the Great Campout of 2002: I was 6 weeks pregnant, our campsite was a mile from the nearest bathroom, it rained for two days straight, there was so much water in our stupid tent that our air mattress was literally floating, and we had to cook over a stinky campfire. Ugh. Fortunately, ST is an enthusiastic and willing camper, and so T won't camp alone.

19.) The flute and piccolo, both reasonably well. I haven't played for about a year, though, so I'm a bit rusty. I hope to take lessons again here at SMU at some point.

20.) Ah! If I told you THAT I'd have to kill you. Some things are better left unsaid, my friend.
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 8/20/2006 04:39:00 PM  
2 Words of Wisdom:
  • At 8:44 PM, Blogger Peri said…

    You make me laugh! Jo(e)'s idea was a good one and you actually did answer some of my burning questions. ;) I do want to see your shopping loot!

  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger Lilian said…

    Yeah, Jo(e)'s a genius :)

    I enjoyed reading your answers!

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