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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Just Mom and Me
In honor of Mother's Day, a comparison.

How I am like my Mother:

We both have a positive attitude about nearly everything. My Mom is quite honestly the happiest person I know. She makes every day seem like it was tailor-made just for her (or me).

We both have a talent for making people feel good about themselves. We like to give compliments, and we mean them. We both make friends easily.

We both have happy marriages.

We are both committed to our faith, although she demonstrates hers much more actively than I do mine. I hope that, someday, I can be as active in church groups as she is.

We both hate to drive, and prefer the back seat when someone else is driving. We are also both petrified of interstate driving, since neither of us like to go fast (60mph makes me feel out of control).

Neither of us think stainless steel appliances look appropriate in a home kitchen.

We both enjoy doing laundry.

How I am not like my Mother:

She is extraordinarily thoughtful, and never misses a birthday or a special occasion. If I DO happen to remember a birthday, it's usually because my Mom reminded me of it two weeks prior. She also buys the perfect gift for every occasion every time. I struggle with gift-giving.

She is one of the most creative people I know. From quilting to painting to gardening, she has ideas I could never imagine. The only way I am more creative than she is is in cooking; she doesn't like to cook.

She cannot use the computer. I am attached to mine.

She never graduated from college.

She has never lived more than 100 miles from where she was born.

She always knows the right thing to say or the right way to react when she hears good news or bad news. I tend to fumble around for some cliche phrase, or not respond at all.

Things my Mother does that drive me nuts:

In a phone conversation, she sometimes has a tendency to give me pointless details about things I don't care about. For example, she recently talked for 20 minutes about the four houses my aunt and uncle did not buy.

She is neurotic about money, as I've written about before.

Things I do that drive my Mother nuts:

I tend to distance myself from certain family members, mostly my aunts (her sisters) because I honestly don't feel too close to them. I try, but we don't always click.

I hate having my routine disrupted, and so attending family events (e.g., my brother's graduation) is something she feels she has to force me to do.

One word that I'd use to describe my Mother:


One word that I'd use to describe myself:


What my Mother received for Mother's Day from her eldest daughter (me):

A card and a handmade (not by me) bracelet. (I'm sure she received something totally extravagant from my sister Julie.)

What I received for Mother's Day from my only son:

Two new laundry baskets (a running joke between T and me, and something I honestly wanted) and new lipstick (which I needed but hate to buy because that would require shopping, which I don't like doing).
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 5/14/2006 03:15:00 PM  
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