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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
House Updates
I know our little academic blogosphere group is a bit overwhelmed by house-shopping buzz lately, but now that I've started on that path I have a duty to keep you updated, right? After all, who else will listen to all of this drivel?!

Wooded Dog Pee House: found out from the realtor that the house has been vacant for over a year. The previous owners had to leave quickly in order to take a new job in another state, and when they couldn't sell the house their relocation company bought it from them. The relocation company is located in Texas, which is not at all close to Midwestern State, and so literally nothing has been done to the house since the previous owners moved. That explains why the gutters were full and why everything else was in such a state of disrepair.

As cute as it is, I think Dog Pee House is out of the running, but for a reason I didn't mention in my previous house post. While we were there poking around in the basement, we heard the sump pump running. We both thought that was strange, but then resumed our task of measuring and checking for leaks, cracks, bugs, etc. Then the sump pump started running again. When we were outside looking at the yard, it ran twice more. T and I both walked over to the sump pump discharge hose and saw gallons of water pouring out. This is all fine... IF it had been raining in New Town. It hadn't. The sump pump was running at least four times in the span of a 45 minute visit.

The agent is sending us a lot of information on the house -- she's being so helpful. But honestly, if there's THAT much water around the foundation, we will not touch that house with a 10-foot pole. The sump pump pulls water away from the foundation, into the pump, and then away from the house. If the sump pump would ever fail, we could have a swimming pool for a basement. Not a great place to build a media room, which is what T wanted to do. Grr.

Pond House: in all honesty, this house is looking better and better, because T and I would have so much fun making it our own. It would cost A LOT of money to do it, and it would take us a long time because of that (we'd have to do a project each year), but I really think it would be worth it in the end. Now we just have to scrape together funds to buy the place. We've already been approved for more than the full amount of the house, but we don't want to have such a huge mortgage that we can't afford to make the desired changes. I mean, the carpet would have to be changed right away, and the kitchen and bathroom floors, too. Plus we need all new appliances. That ain't cheap.

But oh! the land. It's so lovely. My Dad, a do-it-yourselfer par excellence, was drooling over the pictures of the property last night. And when I told him that there was already a slab poured to build another 25'x25' garage on the lot, he was almost giddy. "We could build a wood shop! Or even a little guest cottage!" he said, getting carried away with excitement. He said that, pending a home inspection, he'd be more than willing to help us out financially in order for us to buy this property. We probably won't have to do that, but it's nice that he's so thrilled about the place. My Dad's stamp of approval means a lot to us.

We'll probably head back up to New Town in a few weeks, hopefully for an interview for T (God willing!). "If I had a house on a lot like that to look forward to," T said last night, "I'd be happy flipping burgers all day if it would pay the mortgage." Not sure that's the best use of a professional degree, but...!
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 5/10/2006 01:15:00 PM  
9 Words of Wisdom:
  • At 2:30 PM, Blogger betty said…

    ooh! I'm excited! I liked the pond house from the beginning. I hope you get it!

  • At 2:49 PM, Blogger RageyOne said…

    Too funny about your Dad. His excitement sounds like your son's excitement about the tomato plant. :>)

  • At 3:31 PM, Blogger BrightStar said…

    I forget -- how close do your parents live to New Town?

    I do love the idea of the location of Pond House!

  • At 4:24 PM, Blogger Prof. Me said…

    Thanks for the comments!

    Who knows if Pond House will work out. It's still a REALLY expensive house, the very top of our budget. And with T not having a job yet... well, we'll see.

    B*, my parents live about eight hours away from New Town (the same distance they are from us now). We're now almost due south of them eight hours, and when we move we'll basically be due east about eight hours. Still a long haul!

  • At 6:29 PM, Blogger ABDmom said…

    Oooo, I am even more excited about pond house now! Yay! :)

  • At 6:29 PM, Blogger Dr. Mon said…

    I definitely think we could all chip in for a guest cottage on that land!! Hang in there--I'm praying that things work out on the job front for T.

  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger phd me said…

    Pond House, Pond House, yeah!!! I do hope it works out; it seems like such a nice place for all of you. I'd be willing to help out with that guest cottage...

  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger Lilian said…

    Thanks for the update, I'm really excited for you!

  • At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Dr. Shellie said…

    Pond House looked beautiful! Does your Dad want to do some of the fixing up? :)

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