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Friday, April 28, 2006
Random Thoughts on a Gray Day
I've got too much going on today to write a coherent post, and so today all you're going to get is a witty (wishfuly thinking) list of stuff that I'm thinking about or working on.

1.) I think I'm keeping cat hours, and am more successful for it. As I've mentioned before, I'm not at all a morning person, and instead am at my best later at night and into the small hours of the morning. Each night at around 10:00, T goes to bed (he's a wacko morning person, remember) and sweet cat Belle and I stay up together. She comes into my office to watch me organize my papers, and then I sit down to work. At some point Belle leaves and goes bonkers downstairs, jumping on and off the couch, sitting in the kitchen sink (!), pushing her water bowl across the kitchen floor, and chasing imaginary "prey." I was listening to her last night as I had a tremendously productive time writing and researching -- while she was going nuts downstairs, my brain was coming up with (dare I say) clever twists on Chapter Seven! At around 1:30am, Belle decided to curl up with T in bed for the night. I did the same.

2.) Today is my Mom and Dad's 33rd wedding anniversary. I wonder when I will be organized enough to actually remember to send them a card or something on their special day? No matter what, my Mom always sends T and me a card on our anniversary, and I always fail to reciprocate. I called them today to wish them well and thank them for being a great example of what a happy marriage is.

3.) I have several appointments set up to see houses in New Town next weekend, all with different realtors, of course. I am now turning the remainder of this exercise over to T, because I am sick and tired of trying to think of something to say when a realtor emails me back about a listing and says, "You know, I can show you ANY property you want to see in New Town -- not just this one. Just email me a list of your criteria and I will research properties to show you. I would be delighted to serve as your agent in New Town and assist you buying your new home here." My first reaction to these pleasant emails is to say, "YES! Do it!" but I know T would hate that. Grrr.

4.) Our neighbors got a new puppy yesterday. I am not a huge fan of dogs, but man! This puppy is the cutest thing I've ever seen (and should totally be a feature on Cute Overload). Beagle/Shitzu mix and all paws. I think it's going to rain all weekend which is a bummer because I am looking forward to playing and snuggling a bit more on the lawn with this dog.

5.) I am not sure what is going on with ST and his bathroom habits lately. In the past week, he's wet the bed FIVE times, after going several months wetting the bed maybe once or twice a month. I'm thinking that maybe he is getting so tuckered out from all of the hard outside playing he's been doing lately that he's sleeping harder and forgetting to wake up to go. Last night, for example, he slept from 8:00pm to 7:30am, and woke up with soaking wet underpants and sheets and didn't even notice until I pointed it out. He's also started sleeping sans pajamas -- he just wants to wear underpants to bed -- and I wonder if this is part of the problem. Maybe he can't feel how wet his underpants are, but is more aware of wetness if that wetness travels down his pajama pants leg? Or maybe when he's only in his underpants he's too cold to get up and use the bathroom at night?

6.) My wireless connection keeps going out today. This doesn't happen often, but when it does it is mighty annoying.

7.) The administrative assistant for my department at SMU completely and totally rocks. I've been bombarding the poor woman with questions in the past few days and she answers them all IMMEDIATELY. Looks like my senior seminar class is already almost full! What's awesome about that is that I now officially have enough students to do my simulation, something I've been cooking up for a few months here. I haven't written it all up yet because I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but now WILL work and so after this dissertation business is complete I will dive into the task of syllabi creation.

8.) I went to campus yesterday to meet with an undergrad who is travelling to one of the European cities I've spent some time in and who wanted my advice. It was a delightful visit -- I forgot how much enjoy interacting with students (haven't taught all year due to my fellowship), and I also forgot how heartbreakingly young they are. I am looking forward to teaching these babies again at SMU in the fall. Actually, I'm just looking forward to having people write down what I say.

9.) And speaking of talking, has anyone around here tried Audioblogger? Anyone game to do it? It's easy and free, and I'm thinking we should all do an Audioblogging day, just for kicks. I'm not sure if doing so would unmask some of us, but I sure would love to put voices with names. We could maybe even set a specific time to do it, and then remove the posts.

10.) When I was on campus yesterday, I also chatted with two of my colleagues who just defended their dissertations two days ago. That made me happy. First, I was happy for them because they were done and they were so relieved, and second I was happy because if their dissertations passed muster, then mine surely will. (That sounds cocky of me and I don't mean it that way -- it's just that they've each had several "issues" in the past that led some to believe they wouldn't finish at all.) Prof. C. saw us all standing there yesterday and put his arm around me and said, "Well, three new doctors here!" I said, "Well, almost." And he said, "Yes -- and soon." The sooner the better.
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 4/28/2006 01:08:00 PM  
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