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Monday, April 10, 2006
The Odds
Probability that, in any given year, I'll buy Cheetos at the grocery store: 3%

Probability that, if I have Cheetos in my pantry, I'll eat them (and only them) for lunch: 100%

Probability that I'll be able to feel the grease from the Cheetos on my skin after lunch: 100%

Probability that I'll be hungry in 20 minutes: 100%


Probability that I'll remember how I constructed a dataset I initially created in 2000: 12%

Probability that my advisor will ask me to update the data in 2006, in the midst of dissertation work: 100%

Probability that I will be able to reconcile the new data with the old: -14%

Probability that my advisor will be peeved: 72% (he's gracious)


Probability that I am going to get anything decent accomplished today because I am worrying about above data problem: 23%

Probability that the data issue will keep me awake at night, although it's a minor issue in the grander scheme of things: 95%


Probability that the UPS truck sitting outside my house right now is delivering a cute new jacket for me from Banana Republic: 100% (hurray!)

Probability that said jacket will need ironing: 110% (boo!)


Probability that we'll buy a new digital camera in the next week: 75%

Probability that T will still blame me for losing our old one, even though the last time I saw it was in our suitcase at my parent's house before driving home after Christmas: 100%
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 4/10/2006 01:36:00 PM  
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    You suffer the plight as well, I see.

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