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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
2006: The End of the Beginning
It just hit me that I am now in the year I will cross two of the biggest items off of my Life's "To Do" list: 1.) earn a Ph.D.; and 2.) find a job as an Assistant Professor. I have waited for this year for so long, dreamt of it since I was a nerdy high-schooler who had little idea of what getting a Ph.D. really meant. My whole education thus far has been preparing me for this year. This year is the End of the Beginning of my career in higher education.

This year is also the End of the Beginning of Professional Life for T. This is the year he will make a huge career move to another state, filled with new challenges. He is no longer a "green" professional, prone to rookie mistakes, but rather a seasoned and savvy professional ready to answer questions from anyone.

Additionally, this year is the Beginning of the End of ST's Daycare Career. He will be in daycare for about six more months (less if I can help it!), and after that he'll be a preschooler. He will turn three in April of this year, and by the time we move to our new location I want him to be ready for preschool, at least half-days. He needs the structure, needs the stimulation. He is not a baby anymore. He is too smart for his own good.

This year is a significant one for our entire family. Although I am a bit nervous about how it will all pan out, I know that it is the start of something big and something permanent. That is a good feeling, one I've never had. When we moved here to Midwestern University Town in 2000, we always knew that it would be temporary. When we bought a house here, we knew that we'd have to leave it. We knew we'd have to leave every friend we made here if they didn't leave us first to pursue other opportunities. T always knew that he'd have to leave his job someday. Now, with my job at Smallish Midwestern University on the horizon, we have the chance to make a permanent life somewhere else. T can start a new job without thinking forward to the day he'll have to leave it. We can find a house we'll stay in for a very, very long time. We can build friendships that we can maintain with ease. We can plant trees in a new yard and actually be around to see them grow tall.

But, in order to get to that more permanent life, a lot must happen. I must formally accept the position at Smallish Midwestern University. I must finish the dissertation. T must wrap things up at work by the summer and jump through the hoops necessary to secure employment in another state. ST must be potty-trained. (This last one is probably going to be the most difficult.) The house must be ready for sale.

Time to get the ball rolling. It's already January 3!
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 1/03/2006 08:58:00 AM  
4 Words of Wisdom:
  • At 1:39 PM, Blogger ABDmom said…

    I so relate to this post, as you are well aware. My big goal for Pistola this year is to get her sleeping in her own room. I am not going to try that until after we are settled into our new home, though, because I don't want to throw too many transitions at her at once.

    I'd also like to have her night-trained soon. As you know, the potty training went swimmingly for us, but I haven't even attempted to get her our of the Dora pullups at night. I don't want to deal with the mess, esp if she is in our bed when she has an accident. I really need to do this soon, though. She usually wakes up dry, anyway, and I don't her to get too used to the training pants.

    I'm not even going to write about the academic and job stuff because I am nervous about a phone interview, and that will just add to my anxiety. :)

  • At 1:55 PM, Blogger Prof. Me said…


    You are going to do fantastic on the phone interview and you know it! How can they resist you and your post-MLC glow? I am so happy that things are really coming together for you -- now the campus visits and then Assistant Professordom!

    I am off to Target today to buy the Gerber training pants you used with Pistola. ST has NO INTEREST in potty training, although he tells us when he has to go and has gone in the potty (standing up, like Dad!) a few times -- he always tells me "No, Mom, I'll just use my diaper." Our new strategy has been to tell him that, after this pack of diapers is gone, there are NO MORE diapers. He, of course, has no clue as to what that means, but I'm sure he won't be happy about it. Look for a few "I'm-so-tired-of-cleaning-up-poop" post from me in the future!

    Best of luck on the phone interview -- just be your charming self and all will be well.

  • At 5:29 AM, Blogger BrightStar said…

    What a great feeling to have about achieving important goals!

    You have a good point about being more prepared for feelings of permanancy. I hadn't thought about that -- it hasn't set in -- about my life and my job, and I've been here for over a year and a half. Thanks for putting that part into your post.

  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger Peri said…

    Wow! What wonderful accomplishments and exciting transitions. You sound ready to meet whatever comes your way in 2006.

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