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Friday, December 30, 2005
Take My Word For It...
T and I are in the death throes of the "turn the basement into a playroom for ST" project. T has hung the drywall, I have chosen the carpet and started organizing mountains of toys, and my Dad completed the fun task of building ST a train table (this picture is from Amazon), something ST has wanted for ages. They sell train tables at Toys R Us, of course, and even at Target, but my Dad always scoffed at those, announcing that they were "too poorly built and uninspired for my grandson." Dad built the table and loaded it into our Honda, assigning me the task of turning the top into a creative wonderland for ST's Matchbox cars and train set. Painting the table top has turned out to be a lot of fun, although I wish my Mom could be here to help me with it. She is a painting genius -- trained as a commercial artist, my Mom can do wonders with a tube of paint. She and my Dad (who can build just about anything) are the most creative people I know, which explains why their house now looks like a scene from a Pottery Barn catalogue and they've made everything (right down to the oilcloth rug that adorns the floor in the kitchen) themselves. Our basement-as-playroom" project is a bit embarrassing after seeing what my parents can do, but T and I are proud of it nonetheless. We never intended for it to be perfect (and it's NOT!), but we did intend for ST to have a blast playing down there (and he WILL).

My work on the train table top is progressing nicely, and I would love to show it to you. But, you'll have to take my word about its awesomeness because I LOST MY DIGITAL CAMERA. I am sick about this. We've had the camera since early 2004, a cute little Nikon Coolpix, and I used it nearly every day. Somewhere between my parents' house seven hours north of here and our front door, the camera has disappeared. We have searched high and low for it -- T even took the seats out of the Honda to check there -- and it is nowhere to be found. My parents have searched their house, even poking through the snow near where our car was parked, but to no avail. So I have lost my camera, all of my Christmas pictures, and even a picture of me and my two best friends from elementary school (who I hadn't seen since 1993!). I have to stop thinking about it because it just makes me sad, and then it makes me sick to think of someone else possibly looking through my pictures, looking at my cute son opening his Christmas presents, etc. My Dad, the eternal optimist, assures me that if someone found the camera in their neighborhood they would seek out the owner. My brother Rob, the realist, assures me that it's really easy to get the cables and battery chargers for a stolen Nikon Coolpix camera.

So, I am turning to two sure sources to help me with this matter: 1.) St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Lost Things, who has helped me before in such situations; and 2.) T, who got a really nice bonus from work that will allow me to get another camera in case St. Anthony is too busy to help. Perhaps a Blogosphere Prayer Chain to help me find the camera? The prayer is easy to remember: "Dear St. Anthony, come around. Something's lost that can't be found." Digital camera. Digital camera. Digital camera.

Someday you'll see ST's totally cute train table in our totally un-perfect playroom, and it will have been totally worth the wait.
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 12/30/2005 12:36:00 PM  
2 Words of Wisdom:
  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger phd me said…

    Crap! I wish you good luck in finding your camera - and I have little doubt that ST's train table is magnificent. :)

  • At 7:54 PM, Blogger BrightStar said…

    I did the St. Anthony prayer. Is it working?

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