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Monday, December 12, 2005
Disorganized Brain
I'm sitting here at my kitchen island, having fed ST lunch ("fish in a pond" = tomato soup with goldfish crackers in it), put him down for a nap, and scrubbed my sink (yes, I am a tad obsessed with the sink). I have a "to-do"list in front of me and I've crossed most things off of it already today: return recalled books to university library, return DVDs to community library, make oil change appointment, find filter for whole-house humidifier, etc. My mind still feels unsettled, however, and so I'm just going to jot them down here. Nothing earth shattering or terribly poetic, but here it is.

1.) I have my final (?) interview in a few days. I leave Wednesday and return Friday afternoon. This is the interview I've been looking forward to the most because it is at a smallish university in the Midwest. Although we're open to living almost anywhere, I know we'd be happiest if we could remain within driving distance from our families.

2.) I know that Interview #2 and Interview #3 schools are making their decisions this week or next week -- both said that they'd get back to me before the New Year. Yikes. In a recent post, ABDmom spoke about the fear of missing "the one" opportunity she was meant to seize. While I personally don't believe that God would allow me to miss the opportunity that's best for me, I do have some anxiety about making that decision (should I even have a decision to make). T and I have pretty much already said that we wouldn't take a job at Interview #2 school. It was a great place, I really enjoyed the faculty in the department, and everyone seemed impressed with my research and teaching abilities. I didn't really care for the city, however, or the amazingly high cost of living in the area. I don't know that I could cart my little family off to a place I didn't have a great impression of, and a place so far away from "home." Interview #3 school would probably work just fine for us. The department was fantastic and supportive, the Dean and the President of the College were amazing, and the location -- while small -- was charming and reminded me of parts of my past. We'll see.

3.) We've decided to make a little playroom for ST in our basement. We have a multi-level house and our basement isn't dark and dreary like most basements -- it has full-sized windows and is always bright. We didn't really want to invest the money to finish the basement entirely since we might not be here much longer, but we wanted energetic ST to have a good place to play with his larger toys (e.g., racetracks, train set, basketball hoop). So, T has spent the weekend hanging drywall, and we're off to look for suitable carpet remnants tomorrow night. This project has made me so happy because it's just the kind of thing my parents did for my sister and me when we were young. We never had a fancy play room, but we did have a nice corner of the basement with bookshelves, a chalkboard, an old couch, and lots of comfy pillows to call our own. ST will have something similar and I'm glad.

4.) While I was in Europe, T found out that he'll probably be getting a huge promotion at work at the start of the New Year. We're thrilled, of course, and he really deserves this. But then... we might be leaving. I'm feeling guilty about that, despite the fact that T is really OK with it. Still stressful, though.

5.) I've started my holiday baking but there's still so much to do. No one really bakes in my neighborhood, and since I love to do it I always give our neighbors a canister full of cookies and bars each year. I've already done some candies and cut-out cookies for the kids (by request!), but I still have probably 4-5 varieties left to do... by next Wednesday! I think I'll make it. I have to -- the neighborhood is counting on me for its sugar fix!

6.) Christmas shopping. Ugh. T and I did a bunch of it last night, but of course the things ST is requesting from "Santa" are things we cannot find ANYWHERE. For the past month he's been asking for "a yellow shaking car with buttons and a firefighter backpack." We thought we knew what he meant by "yellow shaking car;" we assumed it was a Fisher-Price product like this. Nope. Apparently, ST saw something on TV at daycare one morning and has his heart set on it and we have NO IDEA what it is! I looked all over the mall for a toddler-sized backpack but to no avail. I ended up ordering this one from a company whose customer service is first-rate. I also found things to fill the backpack with: Frog and Toad books and books about construction equipment (ST's favorites). Whew!

7.) It's my birthday on Wednesday, the day I leave for my interview. I've never been a huge fan of birthdays, but T always does something to make me feel special. We've decided to have a "date night" on Saturday after I return so we can chat about everything on this list so far and maybe even finish our Christmas shopping. I'm very excited -- who wouldn't be thrilled to spend some quality time with one's best friend?

Sorry for this randomness, Readers. I promise to be more regular with my blogging after this interview is over and the holidays are behind us. Stressful but exciting days lie ahead and I can't wait to share it all with you.
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 12/12/2005 01:12:00 PM  
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  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger academic coach said…

    hope the final interview goes well. Especially because it sounds like the best location for you.
    good luck

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