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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Life's Soundtrack
This morning, just after I dropped ST off at daycare, the FedEx man arrived at my door.  The nano is here!

I resisted the temptation to open the box for about 20 minutes.  Then I opened it up and beheld its… well, its sheer tiny-ness.  It is so small I fear I might lose it.  In between reading some German parliamentary debates (yes, it IS as thrilling as it sounds) I have been cramming the nano full of songs.  However, as I picked the CDs to import, I realized that my life's soundtrack is pretty limited. I read that profgrrrl has over 4,000 songs in her iTunes -- that boggles my mind. I have maybe 10-15 CDs that I listen to with any regularly, and only about 5 that I listen to often. I bought the 2GB nano because I knew that I'd never even come close to filling it up. It holds 500 songs -- I don't think I even own 500 songs!  Right now I have 85 songs on the nano (that means I still have 1.4GB to fill), and I’ve already gone through all of my favorite CDs (with the exception of my Frank Sinatra CDs, because T has them in his car).

Despite my small collection, I do love the music that I listen to and the nano will help me listen to it more often. I mostly listen to classical or jazz, but there are some "popular" songs that I like and have on my iPod for when I am running or when I feel like singing. Here are some tunes that have made it onto the nano, and the memories those tunes conjure up for me:

Dave Matthews Band ("Ants Marching", "Under the Table and Dreaming", "Best of What's Around"): I remember getting ready for dates with T, listening to these songs. These songs remind me of my freshly washed hair, my comfortable jeans, chunky brown shoes, and Jessica McClintock perfume. I think of my housemates, checking in on me and teasing me because, for the first time, they could see I was totally crazy about someone.

Sting (songs from Ten Summoner's Tales): studying for my AP courses in high school, writing letters to Jim and trying to figure him out, trying to decide if I should end things with my boyfriend in order to be with Jim, long walks by myself in the woods behind our house, feeling happy about being me.

Sting (songs from Brand New Day): packing up our old apartment in Colorado, ready for a new adventure. Smells of bathroom cleaner and glimpses of Mt. Evans. Deciding what to do with the snapdragons I'd so lovingly grown on our balcony, knowing they would not survive the long move. Coaxing our cat into her pet taxi. Driving in our old Jeep Grand Cherokee with no air conditioning, following a U-Haul towing my 1988 Toyota Camry. Later, a lot of the songs on this CD would come to be the soundtrack of my pregnancy, and the song "Brand New Day" would always make me cry when I thought of the big changes just months away.

Ella Fitzgerald (songs from The Best of the Songbooks): hanging out with T in college, laying on my bed and chatting until wee hours of the morning about our possible future together. Trying to sing along to "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" without messing up the words. Skiing trip to Michigan where T found out just how unathletic I really am. Really thinking that I was going to marry T someday as we drove in his old Buick.

Sheryl Crow ("All I Wanna Do"): while I now enjoy this song as I run, it always brings back fond memories of my time in Europe, sitting at a bar on a Friday night drinking good Austrian beer with friends, realizing that I didn't really even like beer but drinking it anyway. Walking home in the crisp, dark night, not worrying for my safety. Eager to experience everything in Europe.

Johann Strauss ("On the Beautiful Blue Danube"): learning to waltz with an Austrian professor to the most typically Austrian song out there. Stepping on his toes. Laughing. Drinking too much Glühwein and loving it.

Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Under the Bridge," others): college, hanging out in my housemate's room, chatting about anything and everything, hearing her whine about her boyfriend, thinking about how glad I was that he wasn't my boyfriend, driving her to work at the slimy Mexican restaurant, knowing she would return home smelling like refried beans.

Bing Crosby (from the massive boxed set I have): fall and winter nights spent alone while waiting to pick T up from his bar exam review course, which met until 10:00pm. First year of graduate school, studying methodology until the wee hours in our cute apartment, finalizing the plans to build our house. Watching the Discovery Channel for the first time (my first time with cable TV!), getting our new computer (which is now our "old" computer).

Stacey Kent (music from In Love Again) and Jane Monheit (Come Dream With Me): home improvements with T while ST was learning to crawl, dancing around the kitchen with T, making hot chocolate the old-fashioned way, studying for my final comprehensive exam, writing my prospectus. Having friends over for dinners, Riesling, and dessert.  

John Mayer (“No Such Thing”):  I have loved this song ever since I heard it on September 11, 2001.  I was watching MSNBC’s coverage of the attacks, and as I flipped past MTV I heard this song and stopped to listen (can you imagine that – MTV actually playing music!).  It is the only song I’ve purchased (so far) from the iTunes store.  It is a song that gets me excited to finish this Ph.D., mostly because of the last line:  “… and as I stand on these tables before you, you will know what all this time was for.”  This Ph.D. business has been a long haul, and I hope it’s all worth it.

T wants to put some of his songs on the nano, too, in case he wants to use it for running (which I doubt he will).  That means that, eventually, the nano will be home to Metallica, Garth Brooks, Matchbox 20, and Green Day.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have plenty of space for them.  (Understatement!)
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 10/04/2005 11:16:00 AM  
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  • At 11:05 PM, Blogger phd me said…

    Congrats on the nano! You'll definitely enjoy that while you're exercising. I'll wager that you start hanging out at iTunes now; I love going there to update the soundtrack of my life. Nice selection of music you have right now, though - I adore Sting and John Mayer.

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