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Friday, September 16, 2005
In Full Swing
I am pleased to report that I have now sent in two job applications -- one to Research University and one to Small Dream College. I think both applications looked pretty good, although as I've said before I'm not terribly interested in the job at Research University. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I don't want to be at a research institution at all, but I've decided to apply anyway and see what happens. What I really want is a small-ish university that places slightly more value on teaching than on research, and with no book requirement for tenure. It's not that I don't think I could write a book, it's just that I don't really want to, or at least I don't want that pressure while I am also raising my child/ren.

The cover letter for Small Dream College took me a g e s to write. I stayed up until 2:00am Thursday working on it, then awoke again at 7:00am to drop ST off at daycare, and then worked on the letter until about 2:00pm, when I finally finished it and dropped my applications off at the post office. I am so interested in this job, so impressed by SDC's resources, and so sure that I'd fit in there that I was paralyzing my writing process by wanting the letter to be perfect. I know it's not perfect, but I think it gives them a good sense of who I am and what I could provide for their department.

When the job process started, I kept telling myself to keep an open mind and not to get too excited about particular jobs. That's tremendously difficult to do, and I'm failing miserably. There are three jobs posted right now that I feel like I'm jealously guarding, and I know I'll be upset if I don't get a telephone or on-campus interview at these places. Small Urban College, Small Dream College, and Mid-Sized Midwestern University all have jobs posted that would be perfect for me. Totally perfect. They are looking for someone who does EXACTLY what I do. I had preliminary interviews with Small Urban College and Small Dream College at our National Conference, and those were the interviews where I really felt like I connected with the interviewer. Ugh -- I just wish I knew what the future holds.

T is also getting excited about the possibility of moving somewhere. Yesterday was really the first time he talked about it without lamenting the fact that we'll have to sell our house, find a new daycare, move further away from family, etc. He said that he'd talked to one of the secretaries at his firm and she mentioned that she used to live near Urban Area, which is where Small Urban College is located. Her description of the place made him happy, and he said that he's looking a bit more favorably at that job prospect than before. That makes me feel good; even though he knew that our life together was going to be a little crazy before I settled in as faculty somewhere, and even though he knew that he had to be the one with the "portable" career, I know he still wishes that we could just stay here. If we did, his career would be exploding (and our income would probably double in two or three years) -- when we move, he'll have to start all over again. But, God willing, the next place we land will be the place we'll stay for a very long time.

Things to Accomplish Today:
1.) Tidy up house and finish laundry after spending all day yesterday holed up in my office with my cover letter.
2.) Lunch meeting with Director of Graduate Studies.
3.) Afternoon meeting with Director of Placement.
4.) Library to print off some additional materials for Chapter Five.
5.) Grocery store to pick up two things I forgot while shopping on Wednesday.
6.) Reorganize my office -- it is a pit of despair after yesterday.
7.) Clean bathrooms. Why, oh why can't bathrooms clean themselves?
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 9/16/2005 09:32:00 AM  
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