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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
A bunch of things I'm thinking about:

1.) I think I might have a lead on an apartment in Berlin this November! Hurray! This is something that's been hanging over my head for weeks, and I've been delaying doing anything about it because I just hated thinking about working through the details. But, I emailed a place called Room With a Loo (clever name, eh?), and a nice woman emailed me back with some leads. If I can get an apartment secured in the next week or two, I'll be one happy camper (who will not have to camp in Berlin). If I can get it for under 500 Euros, I'll be even happier.

2.) My passport. Grr. This has been an exercise in frustration for me, and is connected to my apartment search. I sent my renewal form in a few weeks ago (passport expired last year, and this Berlin trip didn't seem like a possibility until July of this year, so I've been delinquent in renewing the passport), and I've now discovered that in order to get an apartment, a lot of services want a copy of your passport. I have the passport number, but the actual document won't be in my hands again until late September. Hopefully, this Room with a Loo place will only need the number. If they need anything else, I suppose the University would intervene on my behalf. (They've gotten me out of many a mess.)

3.) ST is such an awesome kid. I've been reading the discipline book I bought last week, and you know -- it's actually working! I don't think ST fits precisely into the category of "strong-willed," but he definitely is responding to my new discipline techniques. For example, I used to do the whole, "OK, I'm counting to three and you better stop doing X or you'll have a timeout" thing, and it just wasn't working. ST would simply wait until I reached three to even begin listening to me. Or I'd say, "If you do X one more time, you'll have a timeout." ST would then interpret this as a free pass to do X one more time. Now, I'm just very clear about what I expect from him and what the consequences will be, simple as that. "ST, do not blow bubbles in your milk. If you do, I will take your cup away." I'm following through with what I say, I'm not giving warnings, and he's really getting it. I think I was just trying to reason with him too much before: "ST, blowing bubbles in your milk can make a really big mess. Mom does not like to clean up messes, so please don't do that again." To a toddler, that's a whole lot of gibberish.

In other ST news, he seriously gets cuter by the day. Last night he kept telling me, "Mom, I'm a responsible big boy." I asked him why he thought so, and he said, "I will set the table for you. Watch me!" And he proceeded to put the glasses, napkins and forks on the table. "And now I will pick up my toys all by myself!" he added. He loves the word "responsible" and tries to slip it into virtually every conversation he has. Very funny.

He also can now recognize some letters! Before, he could only pick out A, B, and C. Now he knows so many more, and is learning the sounds, too (courtesy of LeapFrog's Fridge Phonics, his new favorite toy). "M says 'mmmmm' and that's like 'mmmmooooommmm!'"

4.) I ran two miles yesterday. New interval was 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking. I discovered that I run MUCH better in the early evening, so am doing it that way from now on. I had fun. It's strange how the right equipment can make such a difference -- before, whenever I'd tried anything remotely athletic, I'd try to skim by on make-shift apparel and gear. This time, I have the right shoes, the right shorts, an actual sports bra that's comfortable, etc. I don't feel so self-conscious -- I feel like no one can tell I'm a total rookie, and that's nice.

5.) T has hurt his calf, and that has prevented him from running for the last four days. I feel really bad for him, since he's coming to the end of his marathon training. (Marathon is in about a month.) He thinks it's improving, but I'm still concerned for him. It's pretty sad when, so far, I've put more miles in than he has (he usually goes about 30 miles/week... I do about 6!).

Better finish putting away the groceries before ST wakes up from his nap. I love Wednesdays -- I'm at home with ST all day long. After he wakes up, we're going to the park to feed the ducks and play on the big slides. Life is good.
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 8/24/2005 01:59:00 PM  
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