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Monday, August 15, 2005
A Step in the Right Direction
I ran again this morning, and I thought I'd start posting my progress in terms of how far I ran, at what intervals, and what my weight is. I calculated my ideal weight here, and it looks like I'm just a pound above it. I weigh 148 lbs. right now (I'm 5'8"), and my ideal weight is 147 (love that internet honesty, huh?). I would like to be about 140 and lose the weight in my stomach (slightly flabby baby weight), but I'm not sure running will help with that. And no, I will NOT do sit-ups!

Anyway, this morning I walked 1 mile and ran/walked (at intervals) two miles. My intervals were 1.5 minutes running and 1 minute walking, although toward the end I had to do a few intervals of 1 minute running and 1.5 minutes walking because I was getting too hot. Most of the run was in the sun, and that didn't help -- I get hot very easily, and so if I can find a place to run in the shade, I'll do better. T suggested that I drive to the trail, which is almost all shaded, and run there. Then I'd have the added benefit of seeing cardinals and goldfinches, which is a definite plus.

I felt good; my ankles weren't sore at all, and my breathing wasn't painfully labored. I did have a little sideache. I came home and had some water and a cool shower and am now feeling energized. Next run will be Thursday night (I would do it Thursday morning but have to take the car in for a repair early that day). I've decided my running schedule will be Monday, Thursday, Saturday.

Now, on to Chapter Three revisions. Will update later.
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 8/15/2005 11:02:00 AM  
3 Words of Wisdom:
  • At 12:31 PM, Blogger ABDmom said…

    OK, so I visited the weight calculator and it was depressing as hell. It says I have a small frame, which I don't believe, in all honesty, and that my ideal weight is 125 lbs. I haven't weighed that since freshman year of college! And I was still quite slender when I graduated from college!

    I don't think those things account for women with boobs and hips. I have always had a very curvy figure; even when I was a size 6, I was curvy. And a woman with boobs and hips is going to weigh more, no matter her "frame."

    I realize this comment is all about me, but I can't help it. 125?! Who are they kidding?

  • At 2:38 PM, Blogger Prof. Me said…

    There are so many different ways to calculate this, and I chose the one that was the least depressing for me. Different calculators ranged between 143-154 for my height and frame type. The most interesting, though, was the "People's Choice" calculator, which told me what my ideal weight was based on my "peer group's" perceptions of women with my frame type! According to that dismal calculation, I'm 11 pounds overweight. Says something about society, huh?

    Yeah, the frame thing can be a bit dodgy. I'm not excessively curvy but my mother is, and these calculations always make her feel overweight when shes's not.

  • At 9:28 PM, Blogger BrightStar said…

    HOLY CRAP. It said my healthy weight is 119 pounds.


    ok, I hate that weight calculator. ABD mom, let's go beat it up.

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