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Monday, August 15, 2005
A Journey of A Thousand Miles...
Ending the evening on a less-desperate note:

On Saturday, I am proud to say that I ran, as promised in a previous post , for 35 minutes through our small town, alternating one minute running with one minute walking. And it was kind of fun. I got to wear my super-fancy new running shoes, my ultra-light running shorts, and my very first sports bra. I woke up this morning with pleasantly painful calves and a husband who was very proud of my little accomplishment.

I'm going to do it again tomorrow morning; I might even try to run for two minutes and walk for one, since the running for one minute wasn't very difficult. (Quite the athlete, I know.)

T is so incredibly impressed and happy that I'm doing this -- he speaks with glee when he talks about running and all of the running-related things we can do and talk about. It's pretty cute. He's so worried that I might not like it and want to stop, though, and I'm trying to convince him that, for now, I'm doing it for him. Later, I'll do it for me.

He's been trying to make the intro to running so comfortable that he's actually thought of surprising me with something I want more than anything: an iPod mini. I've wanted one for ages, but have never been able to justify spending the money on one. He knows that the biggest impediment to running for me is me getting bored while hitting the trails, and that I'll need a distraction. An iPod would certainly provide that, but so would a cheap little radio headset so I could listen to NPR as I jog. To get an iPod when I'm just starting out seems fraudulent, in a way, like giving T what he wants just so I can get what I want. So, the iPod is still out there on my wishlist. And that's where it should be, I suppose.
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 8/15/2005 12:28:00 AM  
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