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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
It's the Greatest State Fair in Our State
You know you're at a good old-fashioned state fair when, upon exiting your vehicle in the morning, you are greeted by an old man wearing a seed cap on a John Deere tractor who hollers to you, "Howdy folks! Welcome to the State Fair!" How cute is that?

A great time and a lot of good fair food was had by all. Corn dogs, horse shows, funnel cake, brochures describing pig farrowing, pork chop on-a-stick, tractor pulls, ice cream cones -- it was all there, and I loved every second of it. I've been to state fairs in several states, and this one is by far my favorite because it is so much like I imagine state fairs used to be. At this state fair, you actually hear farmers talking about agricultural techniques, using terms you've never heard unless you have farm experience, and see people get really excited when their horse wins the "country horse/leisure" category. Farmers still come to this state fair to compare notes, and I think that's wonderful.

I'm just a sucker for old-fashioned community get-togethers, I guess. I love a good parade, the ones with all of the fire trucks and police cars, and the Shriners riding their small bikes in formation. I love waving to the Cub Scouts, standing when the Color Guard passes with the flag. I love church bazaars and church dinners, where everyone contributes a cake, a pie or a crock pot and everyone helps to wash the dishes afterward. My Grandpa used to love to go to random small town festivals, and I always liked going with him. Bologna Days. Lutefisk Days. Festivals held in honor of people you've never heard of. Bake sales? Count me in. Neighborhood block parties? I'll bring the brownies.

I had the song from the musical State Fair in my head all day today: "Our state fair is a great state fair / Don't miss it, don't even be late / Our state fair is a great state fair / It's the greatest state fair in our state." If you haven't seen that very corny musical, do see it. You'll see precisely what my day was like today (sans the falling in love bit, since I'm already in love and not pining for some boy I met at the fair).
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 8/17/2005 11:12:00 PM  
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