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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Blogging Etiquette & Miscellaneous Stuff
Blogging Etiquette: Since I am very new to the blogging world, there are a few questions I have for more experienced bloggers and blog readers. Who knows if they'll ever be answered, since according to my little site tracker thingo, only one other person has ventured into my blog thus far. But anyway, here goes:

1.) If you add someone's blog to your links, should you tell them? I see a lot of blogs that have a massive laundry list of other blogs on them, and this list is supposedly other blogs the blogger reads. I read only a few each day, and they are listed on my links. I don't think I could find time to read more, quite frankly. Should I tell those precious few people who are on my links list that I read their blog? Is that the nice thing to do, or just dorky?

2.) How do you get people to read your blog in the first place? I stumbled across the blogs I read -- I don't know any of these people, but for some reason their blogs appealed to me. I read ABDmom's blog because she's living the same type of life I am currently leading, and has roughly the same plans for the future. I read Tertia's "So Close" blog because she's witty and because, especially when she was struggling through IVF, she was so incredibly real. (I sometimes read Julie's "A Little Pregnant" blog, too, via a link from Tertia's site -- Julie is an amazingly talented writer.) I read North Sea Diaries (when it's working!) because I'm interested in EU matters. I recently added Very Mom's blog, too, because I found her terribly funny and she writes a lot like I talk.

There are more questions, but for another time. Now it's time to clean up my kitchen after preparing meals for the neighbor who just had a baby on Monday night. Chicken Tetrazzini and Banana Cream Pie... tempted to keep it for myself, but motivated me already has a chicken with potatoes and carrots bubbling away in the crockpot for this evening's meal.

Dissertation-related: a neat thing happened this morning. T and I were lying in bed, and he started asking me questions about the dissertation. That never happens -- it's not that he's not interested in what I do, but we just never really talk about it. We started chatting about the cases I'm using, how I'm analyzing them, what I'm looking for in my hypotheses, etc. It was kind of fun, and I was particularly impressed that I was able to string together a coherent set of sentences that early in the morning (6:30am -- I am NOT a morning person under any definition of the phrase). Although I think he was hoping that sweet talk about the dissertation would get him something else (!), it was nonetheless a pleasant chat before ST sauntered into the bedroom, half-asleep.

SuperToddler-related: two things about my otherwise perfect toddler are driving me insane: teeth brushing and staying in the big bed. Ugh! This morning I tried to brush his teeth and he just screeched and clamped his mouth shut, kicking and screaming the whole time. I've tried everything -- I let him do it (he doesn't want to), I let him brush my teeth (and I end up gagging as he shoves the toothbrush in too far), we make a game of it -- and nothing works. Today I was so frustrated with him I just had to leave the room. And the bedtime bit is getting a little old, too. Last night he got out of his bed no less than 15 times before staying put. Eventually we just had to leave his bedroom light on so he would go to sleep. Drives me nuts. Off to buy a brighter nightlight for him than the one we have now. Gotta love toddlers, though, as he explained to me in a very school-marmish way this morning that there was a difference between a brachiosaurus and a brontosaurus, and it is that the brachiosaurus has big nostrils on its head. Genius boy!
Posted with care by Prof. Me @ 8/04/2005 11:41:00 AM  
3 Words of Wisdom:
  • At 7:31 PM, Blogger New Kid on the Hallway said…

    I've had people e-mail me to ask me if they could blogroll me, but I've always just linked without asking. It might be horribly rude, I have no idea! (Though I never mind if someone blogrolls me without asking.)

    As for getting people to read - mostly I think leaving comments at other blogs is what does it. I comment a lot (procrastination! love it!) and I think it's what's brought people over to read my stuff.

    Hope you're enjoying blogging!

  • At 11:43 PM, Blogger Colleen said…

    I have added you to my list. :) Dont know if its rude or not because im new to blogging aswell. lol

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger Rhonda said…

    Julie is writing a whole book on blogging and has posted some very good etiquette guidelines in the past couple of months.

    I second New Kid on the commenting. I started my blog for family and friends, and only got other readers when I started posting comments on other people's blogs. And I found your blog because you commented on mine, so see, it works!

    I've added you to my blogroll, which is the other way people find you. Bloggers like New Kid or profgrrrrl or Julie have tons of readers, and I get lots of visitors (by my blog's standards, anyway) from their links.

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